Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sex Date Ideas

After searching Internet for something Inetersing to spice up my next date, I came across this article from askmen.com. I found it very interesting. I hope you will as well.

Sex Date Ideas

Doing something different with your lover is the first step to making sex more interesting and exciting. Here are some sex date ideas that are sure to steam up your love life. 

1. Visit a classy strip club together and get a private dance as a couple. This is a fairly effortless sex date, but it can be very erotic to have a sultry creature dancing and writhing while the two of you sit and watch in the magic little booth with the velvet, mirrors and vanilla scents. 
2. A dinner chock-full of aphrodisiacs can make for an excellent sex date. Select sexy ingredients, such as champagne, oysters, avocado, asparagus, and anything phallic. As part of the preparations for you sex-date feast, remember to help the ambiance with scents, such as authentic ylang-ylang, rose or sandalwood essential oils that are known to have a sexually stimulating effect.
3. No one said that your sex date can’t be a play date. Unfortunately, there is a true shortage of fantastic sex games for couples in the world, but there are some that will never go out of fashion. Combining your favorite card game with stripping is always fun and can be a blast for beginners. Other games available are sexual card games, dice games and board games. SHOP www.nycredroom.com for all sexy games for couples 
4. Find a boutique sex store with a bit of atmosphere and a decent range of products and take your missy there. A sex date that involves finding sex toys is fun, and nothing builds more erotic anticipation than the idea of going home afterward to stick this or that in there or here. What you can shop for on your sex date is virtually limitless. NYC RED ROOM is the perfect shop on-line store to shop for SEX TOYS. 
5. Having a porn night, in which you watch movies, read erotic literature or look at erotic photography/images, can make for a very stimulating sex date. 

Good Luck with your DATE!!! :) 
I am sure I will enjoy mine :)


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