Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who is planning something Sexy for this weekend?

Who is planning something Sexy for this weekend? 

I am. :) Good Sexy massage is in my plans. I have the best accessory for that - LELO Smart Wand Medium - White. 

It is the world's premium cordless body massager that takes performance and design to new heights! 

Don’t be skeptical about cordless thing – this wand is surprisingly powerful. It is perfect for relieving tension and relaxing muscles in the legs, arms, shoulders and neck. All vibrations build on skin contact, closely mimicking a professional massage technique. he Smart Wand is completely waterproof and rechargeable with 8 individual massage patterns, and covered with a full 1-Year Warranty
Relax and unwind with the best-in-class LELO Smart Wand. Now on Sale at NYC RED ROOM for only $169.99. 
Get your today and enjoy your every evening :) 


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