Thursday, April 24, 2014

WHO Can Keep a Secret? a Very Berry Secret!

WHO Can Keep a Secret? a Very Berry Secret! 

Hey, guys, who is inn for some berries tonight? I have a little secret to share with you today before you meet your loved one tonight. You will need to be ready for him. I understand sometimes you don;t feel like it, but imagine that tonight should be a special night for both of you and you have to be at your best shape. 

To help you getting ready - use CLEOPATRA'S SECRET CREME. 

I like the VERY BERRY flavor myself and highly recommend it. To convince you more to try it - 

Pharaoh's tombs and treasures aren't the only secrets of the ancient Egyptians! Cleopatra, the queen known for her beauty and great loves, had a few secrets of her own. Like what, you ask? Discover her time-tested sexual formula when you dab a little berry Secret Sex Creme on your clitoris for increased sensation and incredible orgasmic response. We think the pleasure you'll have is just as valuable as what lies within the great pyramids!



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