Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are you Ready For Spring?

                                                        Are you Ready For Spring?
Most of us are tired of Winter this year and cannot wait till spring and summer to be able to dress up in mini dresses and show off the beauty!

We would like you to be prepared.
Therefore, we would like to tell you today about of the Sexiest Dresses that NYC RED ROOM is offering for this season
By Pink Lipstick lingerie company - Seamless Mini Dress w/Diamond Shred Sleeves Black.

One Size fits most. Stretch. Bust 31”-37”. Waist: 23”-29”. Hip: 33”-39”.
Dress size – 4-12

This dress looks very Sexy! You can wear it to impress someone or just to be Sexy!
Wearing this Dress you get a LOT of Attention from the crowd! Don’t we girls LOVE IT? J

I have tried this dress myself. WOW! Loved it.
Black color slims you down and diamond shred sleeves make it noticeable.

I like this mini dress! I can recommend it for your Beautiful Ladies!


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