Monday, March 24, 2014

Have More Fun in Bed—Tonight!

Have More Fun in Bed—Tonight!

It's easy to fall into a routine, especially when it comes to foreplay—or lack thereof. This game below will make your night special and fun. 

Blind man in the buff

You need: A scarf, a man's necktie or a blindfold. 

How to play: Blindfold him. Lead him to the bed or other locale. Then proceed to ravish him—slowly, recklessly, teasingly, however you feel like doing it. You call the shots. Let his arousal be your guide. 

Why: Not being able to see during sex has two major effects—it dramatically increases both sensitivity and psychological vulnerability. Either one is a powerful aphrodisiac. Together they can create a love explosion. 

Or he can blindfold you  whatever works better for you! 

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