Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend is Almost here!

Weekend is Almost here! 

We are thinking how to relax after a long week, how to relieve stress and how to surprise your loved ones to make it a special weekend…

And we have an Idea for you - Crazy Girl Warming Body Massager Heart - only $12.66. 
What can be better than a relaxed massage? A good massage will make you 

feel happy, you will forget everything that happen during the week. 

I have tried this Heart Massager myself. And I can say it is perfect for couples! 

It is not expensive and you can reuse it again. 

The heart-shaped body massager is easy to use...caresses each body curve 

during massage with tantalizing, warm enticement. Bend the metal disc inside

the body massager to activate heat source. The massager will heat up to 129

degrees F (54 degrees C). Test on small area of the body for comfort prior to

full application. Glide smoothly over desired area of body for a warm, sensual

body massage. To reuse, just re-heat in boiling water for 7-10 minutes or until

crystals re-liquefy. Pair with a favorite massage oil or lotion.

Lets RELAX and enjoy Life and better a sexy relax life ;)



Have a Sexy Day 

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